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"As a kid, I loved water sports. My Grandma would take me camping to a lake where my cousins had a cabin/boat. They would pull me with their boat and my grandma would give them money or what ever. My parents were never into boating/camping,  but I always had a desire to do those sports."  - Marc Greenan- 


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The Lakes:

Jackfish Lake:

Located approx 20min north of the city North BattleFord Sk. Typically known for being one of the more shallow lakes. However, its glassy morning and evening rides are unmatched.  

Prairie Oasis Park:​

 Located approx 20 min south west the town of Hanna, Alberta. right next to the sheerness power plant. This lake is known for its bath like water temperatures.  Its exposure to the winds and small area are a recepie for chop suey,  but trust me,  Ive fractured a ton of glass  with the moomba at this lake. 


We Have a program for Everyone

Wake your lake is proud to anounce the evolutiuon of our new summer program being offered to people of all ages.  Wake your lake is a proud member of Water ski & Wakeboard Alberta (WSWA), our NCCP trained coaching will allow people of all ages beginer to intermediate lessons starting at the age of six. With the help of Wake Canada's athlete development Rip N Ride program, you will learnto shredd the glassy waters like a champ And in no time at all

​Pick whats right for You

For your convienience, Wake your Lake 4 day camps will be offered twice this summer at two different locations.  The beautiful lakes chosen this summer are: Prairie Oasis park at Sheerness in Alberta. & Jackfish Lake at Battleford provincial park in Saskatchewan. To top it off Wake your Lake will also offer several one day clinics at Sheerness through out the summer, so be sure to check our up coming events often.  Wake your lake will also offer private lessons to those who can not make the day clinics or camps. the beauty of private lessons are that we can uses your boat or mine. So, contact us to inquire

 Wake Your Lake

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