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Wake Your Lake !



Development Team Training:
May 1st 2017 @ 4:30pm
Ladies Twilight @P.O- Aug 9, 2018
Mens Twilight @ P.O Aug 10, 2018
Wakeboarding is a great and rapidly growing sport. With the help of our NCCP trained coaching you can learn to shred with ease.

Meet great friends...

Learning something new with others and create a bond to last a life time.

Learn water safety... 

Along with all the excitement you will learn what to do in case of emergency when out in the open water. 

Learn boating etiquette...

In the safest and friendly enviroment. learn what to do when docking the boat or setting out for the morning ride!





Build strength, balance, and agility...

Jumping the wake is no easy task. but when shown the proper technique the rest will fall into place.

A great source of fun, freedom, exercise, and excitement

 to be announced
Aug 8-10, 2018
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